January 7, 2013

Forge of Empires

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Forge of Empires is a new browser game in Italian strategy rather well made ??and complete with all the features needed for a game of this type. You can manage your village starting from the Stone Age and progressing gradually over the centuries, discovering new inventions and gradually improving the economic and social state of your people. You'll have to deal with the welfare of those who follow you, will work for you and if it is necessary fight in the open field against hostile populations and neighbors.
You espanderti with diplomacy, paying opponents they may become allies or by crushing in battle when you have an army sufficiently numerous and well-trained to do so. Every achievement bring with him the treasures of war that will help to increase your fame, as well as provide valuable resources to help you build new buildings.
Game preview
You start facing a short tutorial that will guide you through the completion of the first targets, which will teach you to build new buildings, start the production tools, collect coins by the people and conquer a neighboring territory by force. In this way you will learn quickly on your own and you can begin to manage your resources and your people as you feel is appropriate.
Unlike traditional strategy games, Forge of Empires basically divided into three types of resources: gold, materials, diamonds. The gold you can get it by completing the proposed objectives and earning coins produced by the inhabitants, which increase with increasing quality of the dwelling and the number of people who can live inside. With the money you can build certain buildings, while for others you will also need tools, which will be delivered as a reward after completion of the missions or through the direct production by production buildings. Finally, the diamonds, the game currency par excellence with which you can buy anything, eliminate waiting times, conquer a territory without a fight and much more. Too bad that may be chargeable, or should be purchased with real money.
Every building you decide to build will require a certain period of time to be completed, as well as you will have to wait because they are produced weapons, tools, soldiers, money and so on. Although the construction of buildings usually does not require great expectations, the same can not be said for the production of certain materials, which ricederanno often more than a few hours.
Graphically realistic and quality, with villages well-designed and animated by the presence of people on the move. In terms of interface is quite simple and intuitive, thanks to the full translation of the Italian lyrics. Graphically, there's nothing particularly relevant to report, partly because the fighting will be displayed through a system of turn-based combat with isometric view, which shows the various groups of soldiers on a map with the ground divided into squares. The clashes between armies will create a symbolic poor animation, but nothing more.
A strategy game like many others, at least in the gameplay, the basic objectives and management of the village. You can build buildings and decorations, improve technology through the study and discoveries, expanding our boundaries and so on. The global map shows the territories bordering that you can win by hook or by war, while the fights are shown through a particular interface, which allows you to manage the first-person combat, taking advantage of every turn, the movement made ??available for place the soldiers and attack opponents. You will need to look good for your moves to avoid wasting movements granted and attack the enemy before he has to kill you.
Forge of Empires is a browser game of strategy in Italian the whole, well developed, with a graphical realistic and modest quality, though lacking any real innovations and original elements that can make a difference. The possibility of starting from the Stone Age and progressing through the centuries is certainly an incentive interesting, which I'm sure will attract many Italian players looking for exciting challenges.